Saturday, December 18, 2010

Art Book Part 2

Okay I've finished cleaning and joining the second part of the art book. This one is illustrations in the style of the anime. Just as before, I rushed through these a bit, and they aren't perfect. Also as before, credit for the raw scans goes to HOTDcups. If anyone has any requests of a particular image they want redone, let me know and I'll try to get to it. Otherwise, enjoy.

I mentioned that I would be doing Volume 6 before. I'll probably be posting a temporary version, if any, before Christmas. This will not have translations done for the special pages, and it won't be of the greatest quality. I'm working with HOTDcups on a much higher quality version with full translations, so look for that soon.


  1. Thanks for your work. Imma take a look at these. :P

  2. Kick Ass Dude! We need more people working on HSOTD. While Xamayon's policy is understandable we gotta get our zombie/porny fix somehow now that they got us hooked.