Friday, April 29, 2011

Volume 7 Scans

I got Volume 7 today. I promised some scans so here they are:


There's not much there, and I didn't get too deep into editing. I just did the slip cover, inner cover, the first color page (actually a pullout two-page spread), and the OVA BD case. That's all for now because I need to work on the FCEs. The standard cover wasn't included with the special edition, so if anyone wants me to scan that, it will have to be in a couple of weeks when I get it. I'll let you know if I decide to do all of Volume 7, but for now I'm not planning on it.

The next release from me will be the TV Animation Complete File, which I should get by Monday. I'm not sure if many of you are even interested in that, but it's still HOTD and I'm sure it has plenty of fanservice. After that, I may do the "Highschool of the Head" volume if I can get someone to translate (let me know if you're interested).

One more thing; I wanted to share with you my favorite scene from the OVA, "Drifters of the DEAD". Enjoy!

Best anime kiss ever!


  1. They are going full force with HOTD this year. Feels damn good.

  2. Thanks for the scans bro. Still haven't watched the OVA myself yet, but that Saeko and Roach picture looks hot.

  3. I actually got my copy of Vol.7 with the Blu-Ray today, and was disappointed that the "standard" dust-jacket wasn't included as well. I'll be the first to request that scan of the regular dust-jacket!

  4. Turambar why dont you make a joint with Muda Scantrad they did a chapter of HOTH four days ago, you can provide te raws and the edition, and they the translation and typesetting.

  5. Tidalwave,
    I have the standard version pre-ordered, and I should have it in about a week.

    I wouldn't be opposed to that, but they're an actual group, so they already have people appointed to certain jobs. All I would be is the raw provider, and that's if they decide to do it. If I really can't find anyone else to translate, I'll seek out the help of them or another scanlation group.

  6. I'm definitely interested in the Complete File. Usually I don't buy any guide books b/c most of them are just screencaps and text.
    So if this is any good I max have to consider purchasing a copy :D