Friday, May 27, 2011

Complete File Chapter 1: Mortalis (part 1)

It's been nearly a month and I've finally finished the first part of the Complete File. This turned out to be much more work than I had thought, so I've decided to release each chapter in two parts. This is the first 30 pages, which is half of Chapter 1 and about a fifth of the book. Here it is:

Thank you to Shinji for providing the raw scans.

This part contains character profiles for the four main female characters, and the remainder of the first chapter will have profiles for Takashi, Kohta, Alice, and most of the minor characters. I'm not really sure when the next part will be done, but it may be much sooner as I'm beginning to develop a good rhythm. Before I start on it, though, I need to catch up on some stuff for the FCEs.

I will no longer be scanlating Highschool of the Head. HOTDcups decided to do it, so I'll be helping him with his. I may, however, be releasing something else in the near future, but I won't say what that is just yet. One more thing: I just wanted to let you know that any revenue generated by clicking ads or the Amazon store goes to buying raws. Importing from Japan isn't cheap.


  1. Where are the ads ?

  2. Thanks for the scans.

  3. Cool, I was wondering when part of the scans would be finished. Thank you for the credit by the way. How are the other parts holding up?

  4. I just started a summer class, so I'm taking a short break from the Complete File. In the meantime, I'm finishing up some pages for FCE Volume 1. I'll work on finishing Chapter 1 next week.