Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monthly Dragon Age - September

I got the September issue of Dragon Age a bit early this month. I guess I'll start with the bad news since that's what everyone cares the most about. There will be no Highschool of the Dead next month, so the hiatus is going on at least until October. It looks like next month's issue will focus on Triage X since Volume 3 has been announced, and they'll probably reveal the release date in that issue. One positive about the HOTD hiatus is that Triage X is getting more exciting. Those of you who are fans will want to read the XLG scanlation of this month's chapter as soon as they post it, which will likely be in the next few days. It's a great chapter.

Here's the new Heroine vs Heroine:

I did a little more editing this time. I don't want to debind my copy, though, so it'll never be perfect. Mikoto's arm looks a little weird in this one, but it's okay other than that. This month's installment is called "Trauma" and features Rei and Mikoto. I suppose the title comes from the traumatic events these two have been through in their pasts. I've always thought Rei and Mikoto were almost identical, in terms of appearance and personality, except for slightly different hair, so this is a perfect match in my opinion.

This illustration series has the potential to last several more months. We'll just have to hope the return of HOTD happens before Shouji-sensei runs out of characters. Anyway, I'll see you guys in about a month, that is unless something happens before then.


  1. thanks for new ilustration and, how are the B&W and FCE volume progress going?

  2. The editing for the B&W Volume 6 is done, and I'm working on Volume 7. I don't know about the other five because other editors are working on them. I'm also working on editing FCE Volume 1. As far as I know, no work has been done on the other three volumes yet.

    You should try asking HOTDcups for more information. These are his projects, so he'll have a better idea of when they will be released.

  3. What is B&W??????, I think FCE its full color edition

  4. B&W means black and white which is just the regular volumes, and FCE is Full Color Edition.

  5. Hi, Turambar there is a form to contact you in PM or something like that?

  6. There is no PM, but you can contact me at this email address:

    turambar1 AT yahoo DOT com

  7. Thanks for the update, painful as it was. HOTD 30 has to be in next month! Aarrrghhh!!!