Thursday, August 16, 2012

Maken-Ki! Chapter 51 Raw

Another flashback chapter. It looks like there will be at least one more before the main story returns. Hopefully, this flashback isn't just Takeda Hiromitsu's way of stalling while he works on the plot because I really want to see the battle with Ouken. Then again, some history is always nice.

The announcement on the title page says Volume 9 will be released September 8. Also, next month's issue of Dragon Age will come with a 68-page booklet which looks like it will be similar to the Paisorojii. I may scan some stuff out of it like I did with the Paisorojii, but I'll have to wait and see exactly what is included first. I'm hoping for some new illustrations.

See you soon.


  1. Thanks for the raw. I hope the fight v/s ouken is awesome.

  2. Great, thank you very much