Friday, January 11, 2013

Triage X Chapter 33 raw

You may think I got this done faster than usual, but the truth is it's just a really short chapter. It doesn't appear to be a side chapter or "32.5" or anything like that; it's just short. Considering all the releases Shouji Sato has next month, I'm sure he needed a semi-break like this.

I just got a new scanner and am still getting to know it, so my raw chapters will look a little off this month while I figure everything out. Eventually, I should be able to produce higher quality scans than I could before.

I already covered all of the Triage X/HOTD/Shouji Sato news in the last post (Dragon Age February update). Go read it if you haven't already because there is plenty of news. That is to say, more than we've had in a while.

Maken-Ki! will come later today or tomorrow.


  1. you know even if it's not translated that is the chapter that I understand the most


  2. Let's see if Shoji is brave enough to kill off characters.

  3. link does not work

    1. It works for me. The file is called c31 because that is what this chapter is supposed to be.