Friday, July 12, 2013

Monthly Dragon Age - August (7/9/2013)

I actually got this issue the same day it came out in Japan for the first time ever, but I was out of town until today. Sort of funny, in a way.

Anyway, there's no news about HOTD. The next issue, however, is set to feature Triage X front and center. That could be a good time for some news or something. Or it could be that Volume 7 will be announced. We'll see in a month.

I'm tired from traveling all day, so I won't say much else in this post. This was an unusually thick issue, but there's really no particularly exciting news or new series. Monthly raws of Maken-ki! and Triage X will be coming sometime in the next few days. Chapter 3 of Necro;Chronicle will come a bit later. That's all for now.

Oh and since I committed to this two months ago, here's your monthly smut/stinger. It was a hard decision this month. (There was bestiality in this issue.)

The funny thing is it actually looks dirtier when her panties are intact.



  1. Speedy_J here,

    just wanted you to know a friend of mine sent you something via your email address that I think you should take a look at ASAP!!!!

  2. Hello! The Dolls Fall manga also in this issue? I just want to know that manga monthly or by monthly?

    1. It is in this issue and appears to be monthly for now.

    2. Thx a quick answer.

  3. Hmm... Well no new HOTD disappointing, but expected. Oh well at least I can read (Just look at the pictures, since I can't read Japanese) Triage X in it's absence.

    Oh ya Turambar is there any other series that you would say is "good"? I've been looking for a new Manga to keep myself occupied in my free time. Since no new HOTD, or Triage X and Angel Beats: Heaven's Door isn't being translated currently.

    1. That depends heavily on what you like and whether you want a completed series or one where you have to wait for new chapters.

      Two that I always recommend are Planetes (my all-time favorite; also try Vinland Saga by the same artist) and Berserk (even though there has only been one new chapter since last November). Also, anything by one of my favorite artists, Nihei Tsutomu (I would start with Biomega).

      If shounen is more your thing, I can't help you as much. Claymore is one I like, but don't expect any ecchi. Is there a particular type of manga you like?

    2. I generally like the sci-fi stuff, with a hint of action and comedy mixed in. Kinda like Btooom, To Love Ru, etc. I know that isn't the best list ever to go off of, though I just didn't really start reading manga until recently. So bare with me here.

      Also I saw this post earlier and wanted to know if you had heard any of this stuff or if there was truth behind this.

    3. I mostly read seinen, but for sci-fi try Planetes (complete), Biomega (complete), Sidonia no Kishi, Zetman, and Akira (complete) just to name a few.

      Some of the things on that list I knew from the Daisuke Sato interview in the new FCE volumes. Some of it is logical conclusion. A few points (namely the ones that talk about what they're doing to work towards a return), though, I simply can't accept as fact without viable sources. I want to believe it, but this has to fall in the likely-but-unverifiable category. I believe that this person did research and dug up some facts, but then connected them through his own inferences and speculation.

      There is too much here that goes beyond any official word I have heard for me to treat this as real news. I'll keep my eyes and ears open, and hopefully we can start confirming some of these points. I think the real proof will come in an announcement when the next chapter is ready.

      The part about buying new chapters is absolutely true and actually makes me suspect someone under Yen Press' payroll is behind this, in which case it would be absolutely true. We'll see!

    4. Okay just wanted to be sure. I'm bit skeptical on some of these points myself, but these have far more reasoning behind them compared to claims that I've seen in the past. Being an admin on the page that was posted to has allowed me to see the biggest BS possible (Hell one claim said HOTD Season Two was already aired in Japan, no official source to confirm this as always), so when I saw it I approached with caution.

      Though I will say I was never really aware of the whole buying digital vs physical copies thing. I just always assumed at least 1/4 to 1/3 of the profits went to the Satos. But that's business I guess, "Find a way to make a ends need for yourself and screw anyone over if you can". :/

      Anyways I really hope that we can get some truth behind some of the more sketchy points on there soon. I'll be linking your blog as a reference to help out with some explaining. SO if you see any sudden increase in views that will be why. Though I'll do my best to keep them informed.

    5. You can link them to my new post, where I go into a bit more detail.

      By the way, there is no way they get anything close to 1/4 of the profits. If it's anything like the US, they would be lucky to get about 8% each for tankoubon sales, and a meager onetime payment (that they have to split) for each magazine chapter.