Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Monthly Raws - September

The astute Star Wars fan will notice that Mikoto is wearing the famous Slave Leia outfit (sans loincloth). That must mean the tentacle monster she's being raped by is the Sarlacc?

Triage X c38 raw

Ouken's grandchildren are back, and they brought reinforcements. It's not exactly clear if this is the beginning of a new arc or a continuation of the last one. We'll see.

Maken-Ki! c62 raw


  1. thanks for the raws

  2. Where's 62? IIRC last one was "61.5" rather than 62.

    1. It was a mistake and I fixed it. Thanks for catching it.

  3. Great, thank you very much for the new Maken-Ki! RAW ;D

  4. Thanks for the new Triage X scans!

    Do you happen to know the name of the girl with the headphones. Turambar?

    1. I don't know her name. She was just introduced in this chapter.

  5. Shouji a Star Wars fan? That looks like the Slave Leia Bikini

  6. It definitely is, right down to the arm bands and chain around her neck. Even the hair is a little bit like Leia's as Jabba's slave. The only thing missing is the cloth, but obviously he didn't want to cover her crotch like they did in the movie.

  7. Thank you for the raws! BTW, what's the status on both Triage X and Maken-Ki scanlations? It's been ages since the last chapters released.

    1. Triage X is stalled right now. When Imperial Scans finally gets around to releasing Maken-Ki! c53, Kiss Scans should pick it up again and they will (hopefully) get the series caught up pretty fast.

    2. Maken-ki! c53 has just been released, let's hope for faster scanlations! When does the next volume come out?

    3. That's great news. Now hopefully Kiss will get back into it as originally planned and release two chapters at a time until they've caught up.

      I believe Volume 11 is out next month on the 30th.

    4. So there's hope for Triage X fans like me ? :D

      BTW, I'm the guy who asked you those walls of texts below :P.

    5. There's hope if you don't mind waiting until January for the official release. As far as I know, Kiss is only doing Maken-Ki!. Triage X has nothing to do with them.

  8. Thk for the raw. I relly want to say that was weird to find in Maken-ki! a ... girl (who looks like a truck)...

  9. Hello, I'm new to this, the scanlation business,and I have a few questions regarding Triage X and so. I'd appreciate if anyone help me, since I just read mangas, I don't do scanlation thingies. Well, here goes:

    - I use for mangas, and that site and some other similar sites listed that Triage X's latest chapter is 20, but the raws just published in this post is for chapter 38?

    - Does that mean that there were no groups scanlating Triage X ?

    - If anyone knows a site that has the recent chapters of Triage X in english, I'd appreciate it if they share with me their source.

    - Was Triage X on hiatus?

    - If the owner of Scan of the Dead could, could you please scanlate the chapters into English also? I know I'm asking of a big favour, but would you consider it?

    Forgive me if I sound like a noob, but like I said. I just got into this series, and previously have no knowledge of how scanlation groups and raw providers work, I just read mangas and watch animes. Thank you to those who are nice enough to answer my questions.

    - I am also really into Highschool of the Dead, does anyone have any news regarding its status and chapter 31?

    1. Well, triage x is publishing in english, so no group is doing that. Then i think he can't do the scanlation of triage x due to lack of translators. and there is not news on h.o.t.d yet.

    2. First of, thank you very much for sparing your time to answer my nooby questions! I really appreciate it! But like I said, I am just a part of the audience, I have no knowledge of the scanlating/publishing business. If it is like what you said then:

      - Why do popular mangas like Shingeki No Kyojin/One Piece/Bleach/e.t.c get their chapters posted on a weekly/monthly basis on sites like Don't they have an English Publisher also? Or they have a Japanese Publisher but sells their takoubon volumes overseas in English/any other language?

      - By publishing in English, do you mean that Triage X is an English exclusive work? Like say Mr.Sato draws a chapter, and he gives it to the English Publisher. The English publisher then translates and publish it in worldwide territories, in English?

      - If it is like what you said, then how do I read the newest chapters? I will try and support the mangaka/manga as much as possible!

      - And thank you for your bit of info about H.o.t.D. I really hope they come back swinging, since they gave me hope when they released chapter 30, following by a statement made by the publisher that it is doing well for a comeback chapter.

      Again, thank you very much for sparing your time to answer my questions :D

    3. First of all, don't use Mangapanda. If you have to use an online reader, I recommend Batoto since they work with scanlators to preserve quality and only post what a group wants posted when they want it posted.

      That being said, you will probably never see me release any more translated Triage X chapters. It probably won't get picked up by anyone else because it is licensed and not popular enough with English-speaking readers for groups to scanlate it anyway.

      My advice to you is to buy the official volumes from Yen Press when they come out, which is what I am doing. Volume 5 will be out January 2014.

      Triage X is not an English work. I wouldn't post raws from Japan if it was.

      There is no news on HOTD, but when there is I will have it here as soon as I know about it.

    4. Thank you for sparing your time answering my questions! Thanks for your advice also, but I'll use Mangastream instead then, since Batoto doesn't have the newest chapters of my favourite mangas (not yet anyways), but I'll keep it in mind!

      Also, would you mind if I ask you how much on average does a volume cost in USD? I'm on a tight budget, but I'll support the mangaka in every way I can!

      And thanks, I'll regularly check this site for HotD news!

      Once again, thanks for sparing your time :D.

    5. Mangastream is all right, but I would avoid Mangapanda even if it means waiting an extra day or two.

      You can get volumes on Amazon for around $8 plus shipping. If you order them from Japan, you'll either have to pay a lot for shipping or wait a long time to get it.

  10. Not sure if you 'Anonymous' are asking that the manga be posted online, for free, on pirate sites like, so you can read it without paying.

    Manga is copyrighted. It is illegal to scan it and post it online.

    This is an old article but it does outline the issue.

    Please don't hate on me Turambar, I do really appreciate this web site, for the news you provide and a forum for us all to chat.

    1. I absolutely do not support pirating English material and posting it online. That sort of thing is detrimental to my own career path. I was adamant in not allowing links to pirated versions of the last HOTD chapter.

      However, I do feel that English publishers aren't always smart about manga. If a fan translation stays years or months ahead of official translations, it was the publisher's fault for not understanding the desire of the readers. It's not about getting it for free; it's about getting it when Japan does. Since Yen Press decided to simultaneously release HOTD chapters, I dropped it.

      Then there's the fact that very few series get officially translated, and those that do are typically mainstream shounen fodder. There is so much good manga out there that will never see an English-speaking audience because it isn't lucrative enough for US companies. For this reason I feel scanlation is necessary.

      I respect your view, and in fact I probably agree with you on many points. You have to realize, however, that this is not a black and white issue; there is a HUGE gray area here, and if you fail to see how complex it is and instead turn it into a "piracy vs copyright" issue, then you should probably become more informed on both sides of the argument.

    2. That 'grey area' make it so much fun doesn't it?

      I've worked in the print, digital, and advertising industry for 30 years. Seen it go through massive changes, so I've got some experience.

      Personally been involved in copyright issues. Both in attempting to stop illegal use of creative content owned by the company I work for. And the other side when someone in my company violates copyright of someone else's work. Fines, litigation, rights usage audit, etc. Mainly within the US but recently Internationally (but nothing with Japan, yet). I know first hand that its no fun when that grey area turns black and white.

      I'm curious, how does the Berne Convention, and the US, Japan and a boat load of other countries being part of this, not apply?

    3. First of all, you're around 50 and you're on a site like this? I hope you will forgive me for finding this rather suspicious.

      You should remember that the Berne Convention was signed in 1886. A lot has changed since then; namely, we have something called the internet now. If you are going to reference anything, it should be the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

      I'm not saying any of that doesn't apply to scanlation; I am rather saying that rules don't always need to be heeded religiously, especially when they are not always conducive to globalization and cultural harmony. I said this before, but scanlation is not about giving something away for free, it's about giving people something they can't otherwise obtain in a readable format.

      Think about it: if a series isn't licensed, then English-speaking readers wouldn't buy it anyway, so artists and publishers in Japan wouldn't make money in those markets. As long as scanlators don't profit off of their translations, who does it harm? No one. It technically infringes on copyright laws, but does that make it wrong? I would say no.

      I strongly oppose massive online reader sites that generate thousands of dollars in profit through ad revenue. I oppose sites like Mangastream that release series that are being released digitally by their English publishers soon after a Japanese release. I cannot, however, oppose people who want to share manga with a part of the world that may never get to see it.

      This is the "gray area." It's not some imaginary legal loophole. Some things transcend laws and conventions.

    4. Those crazy old people :-) How old are Shouji and Daisuke? Shouji may be a bit younger than Daisuke but Daisuke turns 50 next year.

      I didn't reference the Digital Millennium Copyright Act because that doesn't apply here, the age old, standard copyright does. And yea, they were written a long time ago. But just because a scanner is used instead of a copy machine or a couple of monks redrawing it by hand, it makes no difference.

      The DMCA came about to directly combat those intentionally working to circumvent copy protection mechanisms, it criminalizing cracking and using tools to remove DRMs.

      This is a very contentious subject, obviously not everyone agrees with the laws in place, or interpret them the same way, some feel they are not even beholden to them. Most of us were not even around when those laws were written. Its going to be interesting to see how they change.

      In the US, too many people are already incarcerated, so busting people for stepping in the grey area makes no sense. So the burden really is on the copyright holder to make something happen. And they won't be busting the masses, they will be making their content more readily available for purchase in more countries.

      I agree, who would buy it anyway if its not made easily available. And that is why most publishers look the other way when their content is translated and given to people in other countries. Some even argue that it makes those locals aware of the product and ultimately brings in sales they wouldn't otherwise see. But there are publishers that feel differently, feel like they are bing ripped off.

      Personally I think electronic translation will continue to rapidly evolve, making it very inexpensive to release books, comics or whatever form the written word is in, to the world, in nearly all languages. I know, right now translating Japanese to any other language automatically sucks, but it will be perfected as AI advances.

      Even today, If the manga was released with the text in electronic form, instead of printed paper or bitmaps when delivered electronically. The text could already be electronically translated, although not perfectly. Making it possible for most people with a computer to get the general idea of what is being said.

      When the US decided to not hold the delivery mechanism responsible for copyright infringement, it opened the door to all the web sites that link to content. That is why they skate by on ad revenue. Even making people watch adds before they watch a 'linked to' pirated anime.

      Thanks again for all you do, and the lively chat. If you feel this is inappropriate or would otherwise rather it not be on your site. Please, feel free to remove my posts on this subject.

    5. I hope you don't think I was criticizing your age in some way. It just seems like very few people over the age of 35 would be visiting this site and commenting. Thanks to the wonderful anonymity of the web, you could be anyone of any age just pretending to be older and experienced. I hope you understand my skepticism (it's sort of an inherent quality of mine).

      And I don't think this discussion is in any way inappropriate. On the contrary, this is a debate that needs to take place. The sad thing is it only takes place in comments and on boards, and the people who need to see it, listen, and learn likely never will.

  11. The best way of supporting a many aka and also getting the new chapters along is to buy the tankobon.

  12. Shouji Sato updated his diary

    1. He must not have been concerned with grammar because the Google Translate transcript is worse than usual.

      He seems to just be thanking fans for the fan mail he's been getting. I think he's getting overloaded with requests to bring back HOTD. At one point he says "please wait patiently Because it is not over" in regards to the series.

      Definitely no specific dates or anything hopeful like that.

    2. Best Part of his post....

      "Because it isn't over, please wait patiently~"

      Sounds pretty definitive, it WILL continue!


    3. On second thought, I just hope he isn't talking specifically about the game being released in Japan. Instead of the Manga.

      "It is a story only for Japan, but it is the whole pinball-style slot machine operation now!I seem to be able to play in a national hall!"

  13. I hope that someone will translate Triage X