Monday, June 13, 2011

Monthly Dragon Age - July

I got the July issue of Monthly Dragon Age, and I'm sorry to say I have some bad news. As of right now, there is no HOTD chapter in next month's lineup. In fact, there is nothing related to HOTD anywhere on the preview for the next issue. I'm not sure if HOTD is officially on hiatus again, but there are some signs that this may be the case. First, Triage X has become monthly since its return, and the latest chapter was quite a bit longer than usual. It would seem Shouji Sato is spending more and more time on Triage X, and he isn't exactly known for putting out a lot of material in a month. I didn't really think too much of the color chapter last month since they did it a few months ago as well. I realized, though, that the last color chapter was released after the FCE volumes had been announced. They haven't announced any more color volumes yet, so I think it's possible they only put it in there because the last chapter said there would be a new one in May and there was no new chapter ready. Remember, this is all speculation. Something that isn't speculation is the fact that we won't get a new chapter until August at the earliest. That will be five months since the last chapter and I believe the second longest hiatus since the series started.

On a lighter note, there was a character popularity poll recently, and the results were included in this issue. As most people should expect at this point, Saeko came in first. Surprisingly (to me anyway), Saya came in fifth and Shizuka came in sixth. Poor Rei came in ninth place, but being in the top ten still makes her very popular in Japan, much more popular than other parts of the world. Personally, I would put Rei first, then Saya and Saeko. I don't like any of the three too much more than the others, but the reason Saeko comes third is that I base my opinion on their character rather than how they look (or what everyone else thinks).

There's nothing really worth scanning in this issue. I can post a picture of the Saeko figure if anyone wants me to. Sorry for delivering the bad news in this post, but I'm figured you'd rather know now than next month.

HOTDcups informed me that there is supposed to be another color illustration series by Shouji Sato starting in Dragon Age. This further implies that HOTD is on hiatus as this could provide filler until the manga resumes. From this point on, I am assuming that the series is on another indefinite hiatus. I sincerely hope the next issue of Dragon Age will announce a new chapter in August, but I am doubtful that will be the case.

I actually won't be scanning the illustrations from this issue because HOTDcups already did. You can download them over at Torpedo Tits.


  1. ok...thx for th sad heads up i guess x(

    oh and if it isnt mux trouble, can u post a pic of saeko? she's my nr.1 xD

  2. I'll take some photos of the figure and post them later. There was also an original illustration of Saeko in the magazine. I didn't want to deal with it because it's a two-page spread, but I'll scan it and post it later as well.

  3. So Daisuke Sato is busy writing more of his asshurt alternative WWII stories? I wish Shouji would take over the series completely. He is cable of handing the story himself. not that writing a zombie apocalypse story is hard to do anyways.

  4. I don't think the problem here is Daisuke. If anybody is at fault it's the publisher. Writing a good story does take more time than drawing, especially with as in-depth a writer as Daisuke is. I'm not sure Shouji taking over the story would be a good idea. There would be a lot more gratuitous ecchi and violence, but if you've read his other series, you know he's not the greatest storyteller.

  5. another series??

    maybe Fire Fire Fire???

  6. No, it won't be Fire Fire Fire since Fujimishobo doesn't own the publishing rights to it (as far as I know). I think it will be something new. From what I can read in the announcement, it says something about illustrations by Shouji Sato being in the next issue. I can't confirm what it says exactly since I'm not very good at reading Japanese yet.

  7. Hey just wondering if Hekikai no Aion is still being serialised?

    1. It is still being serialized on a regular basis, but I think he scanlators have stopped working on it for now.