Thursday, June 9, 2011

Volume 7 Standard Edition Covers

I promised this a while ago, so here it is. I've actually had it for several days, but I was too busy to scan it. I apologize for the delay.

I know it seems pointless to upload such a small file, but it seems easier than posting the images and letting you manually download them. This is definitely my favorite cover yet. Rei looks great. Much better than Saeko on her covers anyway. I'm about to start working on the next part of the Complete File, so expect that within the next two weeks. There may also be another surprise coming sometime before then, but I can't guarantee anything at this point.


  1. My Body is ready.

  2. Many thanks!
    I'll probably get this printed out on glossy paper and wrap it around my Special-Edition volume; it'll look better on my shelf with the other volumes than the SE cover/spine.

  3. That's a good idea. It definitely looks better next to the other volumes than the SE. You may need to re-size it before you print.