Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Maken-Ki! Chapter 44 raw

With this, I will have posted all of the raw Maken-Ki! chapters available right now. Chapter 45 will be in the next issue of Dragon Age, and I'll have the raws posted sometime in February.

If any of you have editing experience and would like to see more translated Maken-Ki! chapters, Hidoi~! needs more cleaners so they can continue scanlating the series. If you think you can help, contact them in their forums. I would help offer to help them, but I'm far too busy right now. I'd hate to see them drop this series.

I'll have my regular update when I get this month's Dragon Age in about a week and a half. See you then.


  1. Wow. Thank you so much for the fast raw.


    No HOTD again as expected.

  3. Yeah, and I announced that in my update for the last issue of Monthly Dragon Age. The next month's lineup is in every issue so you can find that information here long before they post it on their site.

    1. i take ityou gave up on the HOTD TV-Animation Complete File aww man i was looking foward to the rest of it

    2. I actually haven't forgotten about the Complete File. I had to completely start over and rescan all of the pages. I can tell you I will get it done, but I can't tell you when. I am very busy, and the CF is relatively low on my list of priorities.