Monday, January 9, 2012

Triage X Chapter 21 and Maken-Ki! Chapter 42 Raws

A double release of raws today.

I did the editing on the Triage X much the same as the last chapter of Maken-Ki!, though I did a little more cleaning. You'll notice that I haven't been leveling the colors to make them truly black-and-white. This is because the manga is printed on off-white paper, meaning that making the white completely white would make it a different color than the original. It may not look as nice as typical scanlations, but in keeping as much of the gray mid-tone as possible, you get to see more of the original detail.

Here's Triage X Chapter 21:

And Maken-Ki! Chapter 42:

I got a new scanner that I'm still getting used to. It gives me better quality but also scans slower. As a result, I'll be scanning at a lower resolution on B&W pages, and I will be scaling down my releases to compensate. Currently, the pages in most of my releases are at a 2600 px height. From now on, raw chapters will be at 2400 px or 2200 px. It's still a relatively huge size, so there won't be much of a difference.

There are two more Maken-Ki! chapters that I will be doing sometime this month. I'll definitely have them done before the next chapter comes out next month. See you soon.


  1. thank you so much my friend
    waiting the maken-ki! stuff =D

  2. Thank you for the Triage X scans.