Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Monthly Dragon Age - May (4/9/2012)

There's not much to say about this month's issue. First of all, Highschool of the Dead will not be returning next month, and there is no information yet on when it might be back.

I'll have raws for Triage X Chapter 24 and Maken-Ki! Chapter 47 posted within a few days. I'll probably wait until I finish both of them this time and post them together. Look for them soon.

Triage X has been licensed by Yen Press if you haven't already heard. This means XLG will no longer be scanlating the series. Since Yen Press won't even begin releasing volumes until later this year, they presumably won't release Volume 4 for a year or more. HOTDcups and I have been talking, and we will be picking the series up. I won't give any more details just yet. I'll give you more information after we get started on it.


  1. "HOTDcups and I have been talking, and we will be picking the series up."

    My body is ready. Still picking up the English volumes from yen press, even though their quality is sub-par.

  2. thx for the information

  3. HOTDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, where the ffuuuuuuu are you? like i've been saying, if a new volume or new season doesn't come out this year, we should all lose hope. You'd think either the writers or animators would announce something ahead of time. Do they even plan to continue the franchise?

  4. I wouldn't give up hope. There could be new chapters out before the end of the year, but I don't think there will be new anime episodes since they will have to wait for more chapters to be released. There's an art book coming out in August, so we have something to look forward to until then. Just be patient.

    1. if they announced an artbook coming out august, wouldn't that mean we shouldn't reasonably expect another chapter until AFTER august?

      Just a thought...

  5. I began to think that when chapter 29 said the next chapter would release May 9, that it meant May 2012 since it never came out May 2011 or any month after that. Looks like that is wrong too, if it did release in May that would've been a super troll move though.

  6. When it said May 9, it meant 2011. Instead of a new chapter, there was a color version of the third omake chapter, "DEAD Illusion," which I scanlated. You can find it on the Releases page.