Friday, April 13, 2012

Triage X Chapter 24 and Maken-Ki! Chapter 47 Raws

Both of these are really exciting chapters. It's too bad we probably won't get to read either one for a while.

Triage X Chapter 24 raw:

Maken-Ki! Chapter 47 raw:

The epic battle continues in Maken-Ki! with a focus this time on Himegami and her fight. In Triage X, we learn a little about Dr. Mochizuki's past and how he is connected to Oriha and her mother. I'll be excited to read both of these chapters (and all of the untranslated ones for that matter) when they finally are translated. I don't know right now how fast we'll get Triage X done, and Maken-Ki! is an even bigger mystery. I would almost prefer that Hidoi just drop the series so someone else can pick it up. They don't seem to be making any progress. I would offer to help them clean if I weren't so busy. If anyone has any experience cleaning/redrawing manga and wants to see scanlation of the series continue, go to the Hidoi forums and offer to help.

The next thing you'll see from me will probably be the second chapter of the Complete File. It shouldn't take too long since it's way shorter than the first chapter. See you soon.  


  1. Interesting.
    Thanks for the upload

  2. Thank you for the new Triage X Chapter!

  3. ANIMEOPPS:So Bro, Are You Gonna' Release Triage X (translated version) As Chapters Or Straight Up Full Books.

  4. Are you gonna release triage x english translated version Soon because XLG is not doing them any more. has been put on there Drop list.

    1. Triage X is on hold right now until I find a translator.