Tuesday, March 12, 2013

FCE Volume 7 Covers

I told you I would at least give you the covers of Volume 7, so here you go.


The full picture the three back covers make was included as a pullout in this volume, so I scanned that to give you better quality over all. I think many of you will enjoy it.

Like Volumes 5 and 6, this one really didn't have anything else of note, except for the beautiful full color manga, that is. It is highly unlikely I will work on any full color chapters. I would advise either importing them from Japan or saving some money and waiting for the Yen Press version that will include the art book.


  1. Thanks for the scan! That Saeko insert had me immediately when I opened the book today. Was about to go look for a scan when I noticed this in my RSS feed.

    Perfect timing I'd say. It really makes a nice background. I'm considering ordering a second copy to toss it up on the wall, but not sure. Not exactly cheap. :(

  2. Actually I just ordered the FCE of volumes 5-7 to go with the first four I already have. Was about 10 dollars more per volume than the price in Japan.

  3. Dayum... dat picture... lol thanks for the scan Turambar

  4. I'm glad she is wearing her new clothes! I don't think there have been any full color volume covers without a girl wearing something else than a school uniform.