Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FCE Volume 5 and 6 Covers

As promised, here are some scans of the FCE covers. Included are the front covers of both volumes (the inside covers that don't have titles covering the good parts) and a single joined image of the back covers. If you remember the back covers of the first four volumes, it's basically the same thing except instead of Rei and Say it has Shizuka and Saeko. If you want to see the full image (and believe me, you do) you'll have to wait for Volume 7 to come out next month to complete the picture.

There really isn't anything worth scanning inside the volumes or in the booklet that came with this month's Dragon Age, which is not surprising considering how much Shouji Sato is working on right now. Just to give you a better idea of what exactly is in the booklet, there is the interview with Daisuke Sato, a brief, illustrated recap of the series through Chapter 28 called Odyssey, Chapter 29 in full color, an advertisement for the FCEs and a page announcing HOTD's return like the one in the magazine.

I decided I will continue with my monthly updates, along with all the other stuff we do here. I like doing it too much to stop at this point. Thank you to those of you who left words of encouragement.


  1. I got my volumes in today. My only disappointment is that they're red covers which goes against the previous four black covers. :P

  2. Personally I think red looks nice for a change, like reversed colors?

  3. Honestly, that recap sounds much more interesting than you're making it sound... And with me having no money, unless someone like you scans it, I'll never see it! Is there no chance of you scanning it? (Really, it'd be fine even if you just took out a cellphone and snapped some pictures... >.>)

    1. All the recap has is images taken from the Full Color Edition manga and some Japanese text. It wouldn't be translated, so all you would really get out of it is some illustrations that are already available. I may scan it if I have some free time, but it won't be sooner than a week from now.

  4. That's a sexy roach! Thanks for the scans!

  5. HOT! HOT! HOTD! xP
    thanks for the scans :)

  6. Woot! You are continuing the monthly's (I can continue informing the people on fb about shit :D) and it feels nice to see that HOTD is finally returning, gunna be counting on ya turambar for the raws (and translated versions if you are doing those)anyways have fun dude and keep up the awesome job as always.

  7. good to hear about continuing the monthly updates. greatly appreciated :)

  8. I have read your page for a while. I wanted to say thank you again for all you have done! You were the light at the end of the tunnel these past two years. When all gave up, you persisted. Thank you so much for all you have done.