Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fundraiser Successful - Thank You

UPDATE: The fundraiser was successful and is now over. Thanks to those who donated for helping out. I really appreciate it. Any further donations will go toward April expenses. Thanks again.

As most of you know, I don't usually beg for money. I leave the donation button up and hope I get a little bit of help every now and then, but usually I'm able to take care of things by myself all right. Cash is short, though, and this month's expenses are higher than normal. That is why I would like to hold the first ever Scans of the Dead fundraiser.

I'm going to set a target amount, which is the month's expenses for this blog and nothing more. If you like this site and want to help, you should consider donating to help me reach the goal. Just click on the "Donate" button on the top right. You don't have to give a lot. If enough people just gave $1 each, we would reach the goal. I won't stop you giving more, though.

Here is a breakdown of the monthly costs, and what you get out of each one. All amounts are in USD and rounded to the nearest dollar.

Monthly Dragon Age April - $43 (with shipping) - Monthly update with news and information (possibly on HOTD) followed by monthly raws of Triage X and Maken-Ki! (MK raws eventually used for the scanlation).

HOTD Full Color Edition 7 - $21 - At the very least, I'll scan the covers again. If there are any new illustrations, I'll share those as well. Not sure if I'll do a chapter yet.

DDL Hosting - $9 - Continue to see DDL links on all downloads. Also, be able to download large files like volumes in one part.

Total - $73

Funds Collected - $73

Goal reached! Thank you to those who helped.

Jorge, you are awesome! Thank you! Almost there!

If donations go over that amount, the extra funds will first go to buying Maken-Ki! Volume 10 for future scanlation ($12). Any further funding will roll over to April's expenses.