Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Maken-Ki! Volume 8 c41

Another chapter with Oppai Scans.

Now that you will be seeing three different types of releases for this series here (eventually three different versions of a single chapter), you should note the title of the posts to avoid confusion. These releases with Oppai will be titled with the volume and chapter (Volume 8 c41), whereas the new scanlations with Kiss will only have a chapter (c47). The raws will obviously have "Raw" in the title as they always have.

Some of you may have heard that news of a possible HOTD return is imminent. We'll have to wait a few days for information on the "restart" of the series. Because of the weekend, I won't get my FCEs or this month's Dragon Age until Monday or Tuesday, but I may very well have news before then. See you soon.



  2. Speedy_J here,

    With all this talk about the HOTD manga to resume, it got me into thinking. Remember that ad about Shouji looking for artists? He probably still is looking for an artist to draw out backgrounds and weapon/vehicle renderings (most likely for Triage X) so when he's done doing artwork for HOTD, he can go back filling out characters done for Triage X panels. That way he doesn't have more work to do bouncing back and forth between the two.