Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Maken-Ki! Chapter 33 Full Color

You guys wanted it, so here's the full color version of Maken-Ki! chapter 33. I included three color illustrations, one of them by Shouji Sato, that were also in the Maken-Ki! book that came with this month's Dragon Age. I couldn't translate the title too well, but I think it's something like "Natural Training!? Paisorojii". HOTDcups informed me that "paisorojii" is a pun on "anthology" and thus means something like "boobthology." Anyway, here is my very first project that is not related to HOTD:


Credit for the translation goes to Hidoi~! Translators. I changed a few words and fixed some grammatical problems, but they did all the hard work.

So, does this mean I'm going to start scanning material from other series? Maybe. It depends on what it is, how much free time I have, and what the demand for it is. It doesn't look like HOTDcups will be scanning the HOTD color chapter that was in this month's DA, so I'll get started on that soon. I'll try to have it done within a week or so. See you then.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Monthly Dragon Age - November (10/8/11)

Yet again, I don't have any good news for you from this month's Dragon Age. The color chapter included this month is the first extra episode, "Beginning of the Dead", which is not exactly an exciting chapter, but it's the only omake chapter they haven't done in color yet. If HOTDcups doesn't scan it, I'll try to get it done sometime soon. Anyway, it looks like the hiatus will go on until December at least.

The Heroine vs Heroine this month is Saya versus Oriha with the theme "Twin Tail." Here it is:

As I've said before, gringe at XLG does a much better quality version than me, and that one is released with their Triage X chapters each month.

If any of you are Maken-Ki! fans, there was an uncensored full color version of chapter 33 (epic hot spring bath chapter) included in a Maken-Ki! booklet with this issue. If I get requests, I may scan it. Let me know if you want it. Maken-Ki! will have the spotlight in Dragon Age for a while since the anime just started.

My next update should come sooner than this one. November 9 falls in the middle of the week, so my December issue should ship on time, unlike the last two months. See you soon.