Monday, July 29, 2013

Donation Drive: SOTD Needs Your Help!

UPDATE: Thanks to some very generous contributors (Tuan in particular) I met my goal for this month and almost met it for next month as well. I will now encourage you not to donate any more for at least another month or so. I'm all set for now. Thanks again!

Regular readers here know I don't do this a lot, but sometimes money is tight. Due to unforeseen personal expenses coming up, I've decided to give in and ask you guys to help me out on the next issue of Dragon Age. Just go to the top right and click Donate if you would like to help. As you will notice at the very top of the right sidebar, I have $20 of the roughly $55 I need to cover the next issue. If I could get the $35 more I need, that would help me out a lot.

Going over this month's goal is totally okay, so feel free to contribute to next month after the goal is reached. Money is generally short right now for me even without extra expenses, so the more months I can count entirely on donations, the better.

Oh and what do your donations contribute to? I'm glad you asked:
  • Raw scans of the latest Triage X and Maken-Ki! chapters and related materials.
  • Any available news and announcements regarding HOTD (there may not be any).
  • Ensures the next chapter of Necro;Chronicle is scanlated (by me and Madman) in a timely manner.
  • And of course your monthly update of whatever I feel like is important enough to talk about.
All donations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
By the way, here's the second chapter of Black Sword, Shouji Sato's Fire Fire Fire sequel.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Necro;Chronicle c3

The new chapter is out faster than ever thanks to the cooperation of Madman Scans, as always. This chapter is a lot more like what I expected this series to be. Enjoy!


So it turns out Emma the necromancer is only 13. Sort of makes me feel weird for having read the last chapter. In a series like this, though, she could very well be 200 years old and just taking the form of a young girl. Still...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Monthly Raws - August

The thing we were all expecting to happen didn't happen after all, and something none of us thought would happen happened. Nice job, Inazuma!

Takeda-sensei overdosed on boner pills. This is what came from it.

Possible Highschool of the Dead News

First of all, thank you to Hammiam for bringing this to my attention.

I just wanted to give you my opinion on this so it doesn't get misconstrued and I hopefully don't get bombarded with questions. Go ahead and read this if you haven't already and please read the rest of this post after:

I am not considering this real news. It certainly is NOT an official announcement of any kind. There are no official sources for some points (those about Daisuke Sato's health and the earthquake are true and appeared in his recent interview for the FCE volumes). To save time, I'm going to copy what I said in a comment in another post:

Some of the things on that list I knew from the Daisuke Sato interview in the new FCE volumes. Some of it is logical conclusion. A few points (namely the ones that talk about what they're doing to work towards a return), though, I simply can't accept as fact without viable sources. I want to believe it, but this has to fall in the likely-but-unverifiable category. I believe that this person did research and dug up some facts, but then connected them through his own inferences and speculation.

There is too much here that goes beyond any official word I have heard for me to treat this as real news. I'll keep my eyes and ears open, and hopefully we can start confirming some of these points. I think the real proof will come in an announcement when the next chapter is ready.

The part about buying new chapters is absolutely true and actually makes me suspect someone under Yen Press' payroll is behind this, in which case it would be absolutely true. We'll see!

I know this won't do much good, but PLEASE don't go around the internet touting this as absolute fact. This is interesting and very believable, but it's a lot like investigative journalism: When you take some disjointed facts and connect the dots in a logical way, people tend to believe it.

So there you have it. I will, at the very least, use this information as a sort of checklist when I look for official, source-supported info in the future. Until then, buy the manga to support the authors, be happy that someone somewhere is doing something, and keep checking back for more information.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Monthly Dragon Age - August (7/9/2013)

I actually got this issue the same day it came out in Japan for the first time ever, but I was out of town until today. Sort of funny, in a way.

Anyway, there's no news about HOTD. The next issue, however, is set to feature Triage X front and center. That could be a good time for some news or something. Or it could be that Volume 7 will be announced. We'll see in a month.

I'm tired from traveling all day, so I won't say much else in this post. This was an unusually thick issue, but there's really no particularly exciting news or new series. Monthly raws of Maken-ki! and Triage X will be coming sometime in the next few days. Chapter 3 of Necro;Chronicle will come a bit later. That's all for now.

Oh and since I committed to this two months ago, here's your monthly smut/stinger. It was a hard decision this month. (There was bestiality in this issue.)

The funny thing is it actually looks dirtier when her panties are intact.