Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monthly Dragon Age - October (9/9/11)

I finally received my copy of this month's issue of Dragon Age. As most of you probably saw on Torpedo Tits, there will be a Highschool of the Dead chapter next month. This chapter, however, will most likely be re-release of a chapter in full color. I'm guessing they're going to release more Full Color Edition Volumes, and this is just yet another preview. Anyway, I'll scan it if HOTDcups doesn't.

Now onto the new Heroine vs Heroine. This month's theme is "Huge Tits" (yes, it actually says that), and it features Shizuka and Yuko. There's really no explanation needed there. I didn't spend much time on it since gringe at XLG has already been doing more editing than me. You can find that version at XLG when it's posted.

I also included a scan of the cover and first three pages which are dedicated to Triage X and the release of Volume 3. At the bottom of the third page, there is an announcement about the color chapter of HOTD coming next month. I also scanned the lineup for next month's issue since it includes another small announcement about the color chapter.

Here's this month's Heroine vs Heroine:

See you next month.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shipping Delay

Unfortunately, the package containing my copy of the October issue of Monthly Dragon Age was delayed and didn't ship until Sunday night (CST). I'm not sure why this happened, but it might have been that my bank took too long processing the payment. Either that or DHL is working slowly because of the alleged "security threats" that have been talked about this weekend. DHL's central U.S. hub is now connected to Bahrain, so that can't be helping things.

Anyway, I just thought I'd let you all know why I won't be updating until Wednesday at the earliest. I wish I had better news.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Anime News: Dispelling Rumors About Season 2

I know I don't typically discuss the anime here, but it seemed necessary today.

As most of you probably know, a rumor began circulating around the internet after the end of the first anime season that the second season would begin on September 5 of this year. I am happy to finally be able to officially dispel this rumor. I'm sure most of you knew this was only a rumor as it was coming from forum postings rather than an official source, but I still see this rumor quite frequently on various sites. It's the 5th in Japan, Anime Network's original time for the simulcast has now passed, and there is no new Highschool of the Dead episode. Sure, the airtime could change, but this is something that would have been announced months ago.

There is good news, however. There was a H.O.T.D. panel at Anime Expo this summer (Tetsuro Araki was there), and a second season for the anime was confirmed. There was no information on a release date or even any indication of when production will begin.All that can be said for sure is that there will be a second season. I am almost positive the announcement of a date will appear in Dragon Age, just as the original did, so I willpost scans of the announcement when it happens.

I'll be back with this month's Dragon Age update on Saturday if all goes well. If the package goes the long way around (i.e. through Hong Kong) it won't be until Monday or Tuesday. See you then.

To see the video clip of the aforementioned HOTD panel, go here. Around 0:55, the interpreter says, "Definitely yes as long as we have everyone's support..." in response to the question of whether or not there will be a second season.