Sunday, September 16, 2012

Triage X Chapter 29 Raw

Back to the main story this month after last month's side chapters. Part of this chapter takes place in a strip club, but apparently nothing had to be censored. That is, unless some of the girls' tops were meant to be transparent, which doesn't seem to be the case. Anyway, there's more fanservice than usual in this chapter. Enjoy!

For those of you waiting for Maken-Ki! raws, it's going to be a while. You'll probably be better off looking somewhere else because I simply won't have time to get it done anytime soon. If you're wondering, it is another flashback chapter and it looks like there will be at least one more after this. I'll try to scan it as soon as I have enough free time, but I can't say when that will be. See you then.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Monthly Dragon Age - October (9/7/2012)

As usual, there's no news in this issue about Highschool of the Dead returning. There is, however, a spread called "Highschool of the Dead World Report," which gives a little information and some pictures from AnimagiC in Germany and the Japan Expo in France. AnimagiC seems to have had a larger HOTD presence than I expected, with plenty of cos-players and even a zombie makeup booth. It doesn't look like there was much going on at the France expo. I'll include the scans with this month's Triage X raws.

The Maken-Ki! booklet that came with this issue turned out to be a lot like the Paisorojii. The only differences are there's not a doujinshi section and the entire thing is in color. Even the black-and-white character concept sketches are outlined in color. There are two full color chapters this time. One is the first Maken-Ki! Kai chapter, and the other is the second half of Chapter 37.5, a side chapter called "drink&meet." I may eventually get around to scanlating drink&meet with Hidoi's script, but I won't be able to do the other since nobody is scanlating that series yet. It's going to be a while before I get around to it, though. I'm extremely busy right now, and there are other projects that come before this.

Since I am so busy, it's probably going to be a few days before I have a chance to scan this month's Triage X and Maken-Ki! raws. Hopefully, I'll have them up by the weekend. See you then.