Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Maken-Ki! Kai!!

Here's a surprise for you Maken-Ki! fans. It's the first (only?) chapter of the prequel to the main series, taking place when Minori, Aki, and the other teachers were students at Tenbi.

This is a joint with Madman Scans. I was sitting on it for about a year waiting for someone to translate, so a special thanks to them for helping to finally get this released.


I'm not really sure if there were any more Kai chapters released. There definitely haven't been any in Dragon Age, but I'm not sure about Age Premium. If anyone knows, let me know so we can hopefully scanlate the others.

By the way, since most of the groups I do joints with use Batoto, I've decided to give in and start officially using it. Maybe I can prevent some of those stupid kids from ravaging my work and uploading to other readers, or maybe not. In any case, it gives people another way to read the chapters I release that I can be happy with.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Triage X and Maken-Ki! Monthly Raws

Each month there is an advertisement on the title page of this series for the available volumes on sale, and each month the ad is in Japanese. This month, for some strange reason, the ad is in English. This just seems like a risky business decision since you have no way of knowing how many readers know enough English to read it. It makes me wonder if someone is keeping an eye on what I do here...

In case I'm not just paranoid: Hey Sato-sensei! I really love your work.

Don't forget to support the artist and buy the volumes.

If you're wondering why this is labeled c35, I was off on my numbering and I decided it was time to correct it. Sorry for any inconvenience it causes you.

On the extreme improbability that anybody visiting this site is a mother, happy Mother's Day. For the rest of you deviants, honor the woman who brought you into this world today by looking at these drawings of scantily-clad high school girls:

I believe the translator for Maken-Ki! will soon be back in business, so the scanlation should get back under way soon. I'm not sure yet how much I will be involved, but whatever the case I'll keep you updated. See you.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Monthly Dragon Age - June (5/9/2013)

No word in this issue about the status of Highschool of the Dead. It's as if last month was just some collective dream, teasing us all with a taste before slinking slyly back to the abyss of speculative hype. As of now, it there does not seem to be any plan to release Act.31 next month. That could change between now and then, but don't hold out too much hope.

In any case, it seems like Yen Press has officially announced they are locked in to simultaneous releases for all new HOTD chapters. The way they handled Act.30 left a lot of room for improvement, which is something I'm confident they will do as they get more settled into what I'm choosing to call "official scanlation."

Two new series premiered in this issue. One is a shounen trope-heavy, high school romance moe-fest featuring rabbit girls aptly titled "Inaba Rabbits." Nothing special there. The other is one I may be a little excited about. It's called "Necro Chronicle," and it's another post-apocalyptic zombie series (could it be the replacement for HOTD?). After glancing through it, it appears to use the zombie apocalypse to guide the plot rather than put focus on a societal and infrastructural collapse like HOTD. The characters are younger and it obviously integrates more supernatural elements. Of course the most glaring difference from HOTD is that it seems to be more classically shounen, whereas HOTD isn't limited by the conventions of the genre. Anyway, this looks like it has a good deal of intrigue and readability for a magazine like Dragon Age, and I would like to pick it up see it get picked up by some other group.

I honestly wasn't expecting to get this issue until Monday. As such I need to get some other things done (including a bit of a surprise for you Maken-Ki! fans) before I can get Triage X and Maken-Ki! raws scanned and posted. It could be two or three days. Stay close.

This month, Matome x Saito continues to deliver the deepest camel toes this side of the Sahara.
The story's heroine is seen here sporting the too-cute Shimapan Frontthong from the new CervixHugger line: