Saturday, October 20, 2012

Maken-Ki! Chapter 37 Full Color

As you may remember me mentioning, the October issue of Monthly Dragon Age came with a Maken-Ki! booklet, called the Hatsudashi Namashibori Book (I'm not sure what that name means), which contained full color versions of Chapter 37 and the first chapter of Maken-Ki! Kai! among other material. I scanned Chapter 37 along with the covers and some illustrations. This was a side chapter titled "drink & meet" that originally celebrated the anime's release. Enjoy this full color scanlation.

As usual with my Maken-Ki! scanlations, credit for the translations goes to Hidoi, who originally scanlated this chapter. I got some help again from DeathsUncleBob over at Oppai Scans, who did the typesetting for me, so a very special thanks to him.

What I did not include from the booklet (a lot, as you'll notice in the table of contents) includes Chapter 1 of Kai!, some concept art, and an interview with Takeda Hiromitsu and the artist of Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. The only thing worth releasing wuld be the Kai! chapter, but that series is not being scanlated yet, and I don't want to post a raw version.

I'm not sure what our next release will be. We're working on a few things, but there's no set time for completion. See you later.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Maken-Ki! Chapter 52 and 53 Raw

In my last Dragon Age update, I said I was just going to skip Chapter 52 and move on to this month's chapter. Well, I got some help and decided to release raws for 52 after all. DeathsUncleBob from Oppai Scans. He did most of the work on this chapter, so make sure to go to his site and thank him. I've mentioned the site before, but for those of you who don't know, DeathsUncleBob releases scanlations of the Maken-Ki! volumes. If you want to see it in higher quality and uncensored, go check Oppai Scans out.

Chapter 52 - MF

And now for then new chapter. I was wrong last month when I speculated that we would have at least one more flashback chapter. There are only two pages of it in this one. If I could read Japanese, I would probably have known that. Anyway, for those of you wondering, the answer is yes, Himegami does get very naked in this chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter 53 - MF

Friday, October 12, 2012

Triage X Chapter 30 Raw

This month, we meet a pair of new enemies. As you can probably guess, one of them is a scantly-clad female with a great set of torpedo tits, and, of course, she is a skilled fighter. Shouji Sato really seems to be fond of masked villains lately.

I still plan to post Maken-Ki! Chapter 53 raws, and it still will probably be Monday at the earliest. See you then.

Monthly Dragon Age - November (10/9/2012)


No news of Highschool of the Dead. It wasn't mentioned or even advertised. It will not return next month. I don't expect anyone to be surprised by that.

I shoul have the raws for Triage X Chapter 30 posted sometime today. Maken-Ki! will take a bit longer. I decided not to do Chapter 52 because I've been too busy. I'm going to try my best to do Chapter 53, but it might not be done until Monday. The important thing is you can look forward to my high quality raws this month and not worry about getting them from a site that forces you to register and post in their forum.

For several months now, Dragon Age has been featuring one or two new series each month. Obviously, they have to make some room in their lineup to accommodate all these new series, and it looks like they chose this month to do it, with three series coming to an end in this issue. The first is "Kyo-Ami," which I don't expect many people to care about since it's never been scanlated. "Perowan! - Hayaku Shinasai! Goshujinsama" also ended, and it is being scanlated, though the group is so far behind that they aren't quite halfway to the end yet. I read this series, but I'm indifferent about it ending. It's not that great, you just don't often see a series with a dog girl...or with a foot fetish as a major theme. Both these series have been known for a respectable level of ecchi, but neither made much of an effort to show off in their last chapter.

The last series that ended is "Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni." I'm a bit disappointed by this one. It's a great series with a unique art style, and it is one of the few Dragon Age series that doesn't focus on high school romance and fanservice, but rather explores deeper emotions and darker subjects. I am sad to see it end, but maybe a group will pick it up and finish the scanlation now that it is a project with a definite end.

Each month, Dragon Age allows a few uncensored nipples at most, but some issues are different. Some issues seem to push the limits of what they can get away with. This is one of those issues. Just for fun, I counted the uncensored nipples, and I got about 17, not including the many that are half-concealed or not drawn with enough detail to be explicit. Most of them came in a single oneshot, which incidentally deals with sexual situations throughout. Even outside of the oneshot, I was surprised at the ecchi content in this issue.  Really, though, it's what should be expected from a magazine that specializes in series drawn by hentai artists.

Look for Triage X later today.