Thursday, January 31, 2013

Maken-Ki! Volume 8 c40 - from Oppai Scans

For those of you who don't know about Oppai Scans, it's the site that is using the original translations of Maken-Ki! along with scans from the volumes to produce new high-quality and uncensored versions of the series. This is the latest chapter, and the first that I have helped with.

DeathsUncleBob over there at Oppai has recently become busier in his real life, So he asked me to collaborate with him on future releases. This is the first chapter of Volume 8. You can find the first seven volumes at Oppai Scans.

If you're wondering why we skipped Chapter 39, it was actually a two-part side chapter ( half of the chapter is the last full color chapter I released, Drink and Meet). Both parts of the chapter, including my full color version, will be available when the whole volume is finished.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Maken-Ki! Chapter 47

Good news everyone! A new scanlated chapter of Maken-Ki! is finally here.

This is a joint release between K.I.S.S. Scans and Scans of the Dead. Kiss deserves most of the credit as they translated and did a lot of the work, and this is their project. I just helped a bit where they needed it. Enjoy this, and look forward to more chapters in the future.


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(Kiss uses Batoto along with a download option.)

With this, a new chapter in Maken-Ki! scanlations is beginning. I don't want to speak badly of Hidoi~!, and certainly not of Japanzai (one of my favorite groups), but the last six months or so have been a huge disappointment. I can't pretend to know much about what really went on, but it would seem neither group made much of an effort to at least let the fans know what was happenning, much less try to resolve whatever issue they had. I will not blame either side; I will simply say that it is now time to move on. I think Kiss Scans is more than capable of taking the scanlation of this series into the future without falling into the same negligence as the previous scanlators, and I will do what I can to help.

See you soon.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Maken-Ki! Chapter 56 raw

Is it just me, or is this series way better when it's not full of meaningless fanservice? The ecchi stuff is cool and all, but Takeda-sensei has plenty of time to do that in his hentai. I think he's proving himself to be more than just another hentai-artist-turned-shounen-mangaka with this arc.

The power-suppressing bracelets finally come off, but will it be enough to save Himegami? Find out next month on Maken-Ki!

Triage X Chapter 33 raw

You may think I got this done faster than usual, but the truth is it's just a really short chapter. It doesn't appear to be a side chapter or "32.5" or anything like that; it's just short. Considering all the releases Shouji Sato has next month, I'm sure he needed a semi-break like this.

I just got a new scanner and am still getting to know it, so my raw chapters will look a little off this month while I figure everything out. Eventually, I should be able to produce higher quality scans than I could before.

I already covered all of the Triage X/HOTD/Shouji Sato news in the last post (Dragon Age February update). Go read it if you haven't already because there is plenty of news. That is to say, more than we've had in a while.

Maken-Ki! will come later today or tomorrow.

Monthly Dragon Age - February (1/9/2013)

The Highschool of the Dead hiatus will not end next month; however, there does appear to be something coming next month.

First of all, the official announcement for Triage X Volume 6 and for HOTD Full Color Editions 5 and 6 appeared in this month's Triage X chapter. TX Volume 6 will be out next month. There does not seem to be a specific date, though I would assume it is the 9th since they almost always come out on the same day as the magazine. The new FCEs are also apparently out next month. There is no date, but after some investigation on Amazon, I found that they will be released February 9. It seems strange that there wasn't more of a buildup.

Now, to elaborate on my cryptic opening sentence, there was a small announcement on the preview of next month's issue. I will include an image here and a full scan of the two-page spread with this month's Triage X raw. The preview focuses on Triage X (meaning it will likely be on the cover), but there is this little corner dedicated to HOTD:

From what I can make of it, it seems there will be a HOTD booklet with next month's issue celebrating (or promoting) the new FCE volumes. I'm not sure if this means there will be a color chapter or just illustrations, but I'm guessing I will be scanning whatever it is. I will update this post when I have more information. I doubt it is a new chapter, but we will see.

There's not much more to say about this issue. Triage X has a shortened chapter this month, which is no surprise considering everything Shouji Sato has coming out next month. I'll have the raws for it and Maken-Ki! posted sometime today or tomorrow. See you soon.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Some News from Shouji Sato

In a very rare update to the Diary section of his personal website, Shouji Sato gave us a bit of news to end what has been a barren stretch of no information. He announced Triage X Volume 6 will be out February 9. I guess this is the first official announcement, though volumes are usually announced earlier. He also announced that Volumes 5 and 6 of the Highschool of the Dead Full Color Edition will be released some time in the future. There is no date, but it appears he has begun working on them. Thus it seems Yen Press wasn't acting alone entirely, which is a good sign. This also means, however, that the ad seeking artists was possibly just looking for people to help color the new Full Color Editions. This wouldn't necessarily be proof he is not also working on new Highschool of the Dead. In fact, he could be hiring extra people to take over the coloring process entirely so that he can focus on drawing for two series again. We will have to wait and see.

I am almost certain he also talks about the HOTD manga itself in the post, but I am waiting on some translation help to see exactly what that is about. I can assure you there are no specific dates or time frames. I will update this post as soon as I have more information.

I don't really have much more information yet, but I did promise an update. The post by Shouji Sato does not mention HOTD returning. I saw "HOTD" and "thirty" in the post and got excited, but after further investigation, it appears he is simply pointing out how Triage X has passed thirty chapters, thereby surpassing HOTD in number of chapters. He notes his development as an author and artist while working on Triage X.

I hope to have more for you in my monthly Dragon Age update, which should come in a few days. See you then.