Friday, August 19, 2011

Update and Future Plans

Well, my summer break turned out to be much busier than I had planned. As such, I haven't had much time to continue working on the TV-Animation Complete File. I have to admit I really haven't even finished the first chapter. There were some setbacks and I had to rescan some pages, but everything is now set for me to resume work on it. I apologize for the long delay. Of course, I'll still be giving the Torpedo Tits projects (i.e. FCE and Volume 7) priority over the Complete File. The good news is I have a very light semester this fall, so I shouldn't have trouble finding time to work on all of them.

There doesn't seem to be any new releases coming in the near future, so the only other thing I'll be releasing is probably Heroine vs Heroine each month. Just to be safe, I can't say the Complete File will be released any sooner than one chapter a month with chapter 1 being ready about a month from now. It could happen before then, but I'm not making any promises. There's a good chance that the next time you hear from me will be around September 10 when I get the next issue of Dragon Age. I'll see you guys then.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monthly Dragon Age - September

I got the September issue of Dragon Age a bit early this month. I guess I'll start with the bad news since that's what everyone cares the most about. There will be no Highschool of the Dead next month, so the hiatus is going on at least until October. It looks like next month's issue will focus on Triage X since Volume 3 has been announced, and they'll probably reveal the release date in that issue. One positive about the HOTD hiatus is that Triage X is getting more exciting. Those of you who are fans will want to read the XLG scanlation of this month's chapter as soon as they post it, which will likely be in the next few days. It's a great chapter.

Here's the new Heroine vs Heroine:

I did a little more editing this time. I don't want to debind my copy, though, so it'll never be perfect. Mikoto's arm looks a little weird in this one, but it's okay other than that. This month's installment is called "Trauma" and features Rei and Mikoto. I suppose the title comes from the traumatic events these two have been through in their pasts. I've always thought Rei and Mikoto were almost identical, in terms of appearance and personality, except for slightly different hair, so this is a perfect match in my opinion.

This illustration series has the potential to last several more months. We'll just have to hope the return of HOTD happens before Shouji-sensei runs out of characters. Anyway, I'll see you guys in about a month, that is unless something happens before then.