Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Translator Needed

I've decided the time has come to publicly seek a Japanese to English translator for Triage X and Highschool of the Dead. Ideally, a single translator would do both series, but if someone only wants to do one or the other, I'm okay with that. I may be getting translation help from Renzokusei Scans for HOTD if I can't find someone willing to do it.

My primary concern right now is Triage X because I would like to get started right away. If you agree to help, you can get started using my monthly raws to start translating Volume 5 chapters as soon as you are ready. I expect this project to be pretty laid-back, with no real deadlines or anything. The scans are super high quality, so the translations likewise shouldn't be rushed. Since the scanlation is already so far behind, I'm not concerned about catching up.

I suppose more people will be interested in helping with Highschool of the Dead. I've already talked with Renzokusei, and I'm pretty sure I can get translation help from them. What I'm unsure about is if they will be able to get it done as fast as I would like. HOTDcups used to get new chapters done by himself (meaning scanning, editing, and translating) more or less within a day of receiving the magazine. I'm not going to ask more than a translator is comfortable with, but I would at least like to get close to his speed. At the very least, I need a translator who will put HOTD before any other translation projects until it is done, preferably getting me a script within a day or two (figuring in time zone differences) of my sending the raws. (Note: I'll make an obvious exception here if the chapter is well over 40 pages, which I expect the next one to be). I know this is a lot to ask, but if I can't find someone who can do this, I can work with Renzokusei.

Probably what would be best is if you start by translating a few Triage X chapters, then if you think you can meet the above stipulations, I'll have you translate the new HOTD chapter (out April 9). If it doesn't work out as smoothly as I hope, then I might consider going to Renzokusei for future chapters, and you would continue with Triage X.

Please contact me about translating only if you are serious. I am open to doing joints with other groups; just let me know when you contact me. Emails to are preferred, but feel free to leave a comment below if you want.

One more thing: if you can't translate but know someone who can and may be interested, please send them here. Thanks.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

FCE Volume 7 Covers

I told you I would at least give you the covers of Volume 7, so here you go.


The full picture the three back covers make was included as a pullout in this volume, so I scanned that to give you better quality over all. I think many of you will enjoy it.

Like Volumes 5 and 6, this one really didn't have anything else of note, except for the beautiful full color manga, that is. It is highly unlikely I will work on any full color chapters. I would advise either importing them from Japan or saving some money and waiting for the Yen Press version that will include the art book.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Monthly Raws - Triage X c35 & Maken-Ki! c58

Himegami-senpai!!! P- Pantsu!?

Maken-Ki! c58 raw

Looks like either a new arc will be starting soon or fake Ouken will be back bigger and badder than before. In any case, it appears the story is going back to Tenbi Academy.

Hipster-san wears those glasses ironically...but he did it before it was cool, so it's okay. Molester-san wears that tie sincerely...does that mean he's cooler?

Triage X c35 raw

I'll put a little something together with the full color Volume 7 covers and stuff tomorrow. See you then.

Monthly Dragon Age - April (3/9/2013)

Nearly two years of these monthly updates, over $1000 spent importing the magazines, numerous false leads and hopeful speculating, months of darkness where not even a single ray of light broke through the despair, all leading to this moment in time, this long-awaited instant when I can type these beautiful words for all of your eyes to drink up and savor in sweet anticipation: there will be a new Highschool of the Dead chapter next month.

I announced the news before, but it's so much more exciting now that I've seen it with my own eyes. HOTD Act. 30, the next chapter in the thrilling horror manga that has become an international sensation, will appear in the May issue of Monthly Dragon Age, available April 9. There's not too much more information than that right now. The official announcement, of which I have included a much better version below, has some text that I was curious about, but it appears to just say something about it making its return after a two year hiatus. Nothing we didn't already know.

Something I find a little interesting is that HOTD is not listed in next month's lineup. It's not necessarily worrying; Triage X isn't listed either and this month's chapter clearly says the next chapter will be out next month. It makes me wonder if the two series will be presented in a special way next month, like maybe in an extra booklet or as part of the Dragon Age 10th anniversary next month. I guess we'll have to wait until the release is a bit closer to see. One thing we can be almost sure of is that HOTD will finally have a place on the cover again next month. The last time that happened was May 2011 (not including ads/announcements).

Two new anime adaptations of Dragon Age series were just announced, though this may not be news to a lot of people. Both were originally light novel series and both will air during the spring 2013 anime season. The first is Date A Live (the monthly serialized version is Date Ast Like). I've never read it, but it looks decent from the raws. It will begin airing April 5. The other is Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, which I am excited about. I really like the manga, though the scanlation is way behind. I will definitely be watching this one, which is saying a lot because I rarely watch anime anymore. It begins airing on March 31.

That's about it as far as this issue goes. There are no remarkable new series beginning, nothing is ending, and there are no incredibly lewd oneshots to talk about. I'll try to have raws of Maken-Ki! and Triage X out later today.  

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Maken-Ki! Volume 9 c50

With Oppai-Scans, as usual. Unlike usual, this is a brand new chapter. Enjoy.


Unfortunately, this might be the last new chapter for about two months at least. Until then, you'll have high quality versions of the Volume 9 chapters we skipped over. Also Oppai is doing high quality versions of Blade Play right now.

See you tomorrow (probably) with my Dragon Age update and hopefully more information on the HOTD return.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Highschool of the Dead Returning Next Month

As you can see in the image above, HOTD is scheduled to return in the May issue of Monthly Dragon Age on April 9. I'll have more information for you on Monday when I get my own copy of this month's issue. See you then.

Shouji Sato Oneshots - Unreal Sundown and Unreal Sunshine

You have no idea how long we've been waiting to release these. 

They are both oneshots by Shouji Sato, and both are some of his earliest non-hentai work. The first, Unreal Sundown, is sort of an early concept for what would become Fire Fire Fire set in the Wild West. The second, Unreal Sunshine (no relation despite title similarities), is a gag manga based partly on Shouji's own experience working at a convenience store. Both provide an interesting look at his work before HOTD.

Both of these are very rare, even though they were reprinted in separate Monthly Dragon Age booklets a few years after their original publication. HOTDcups was fortunate enough to find the raws, though.

I guess now is as good a time as any to announce that HOTDcups is leaving Scans of the Dead and the scanlation scene in general. He's decided he would like to focus all of his time and effort on real life from now on. I hate to see him go, but the time has come for him to move on. I have really enjoyed working together for the last two years, and I know his future will be bright and prosperous. Thank you for everything.

Don't worry, I'm already looking for a replacement translator for HOTD and possibly Triage X. If it comes down to it, I'll put out some public requests for a translator, and I'm sure someone will help out. Both of these series are in high demand, and I know there's no lack of people willing to help.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Maken-Ki! Volume 9 c49

I was just finishing up my joint release of this chapter with Oppai-Scans when Imperial Scans released their version. It looks like they won't be taking a long time between chapters after all. Let's hope this continues.

Since we already had this basically done and we don't like to throw away or set aside hours of hard work here at Scans of the Dead and over at Oppai, we decided to release it anyway. If you want to read it online, go do so at Imperial Scans. Our version is much higher quality and huge, like most of the releases here used to be. If you want to see the art in the highest possible quality, get this version. I know it's weird to have a volume release so soon after the magazine translation, but this way you have options.

Mediafire DDL

By the way, we got permission from the translator to use his scripts, so for Volume 9 the releases will be added to Manga Updates whether they're out first or not. We're no longer just borrowing from another group's scanlation.

We'll probably do Chapter 50 next, and then go back and do the rest of Volume 9 in high quality. The next thing you see here, though, will be my Monthly Dragon Age update. Let's hope for some more good news this time. See you.