Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Secret Box 2.0 (Raw)

Let me begin by saying the Secret Box is still not translated. I had some free time, so I decided to put the Japanese text back in the manga. I didn't really like releasing it originally without text, but I didn't have time to fix it until now. I made a few other very minor edits, but the text is really the only noticeable change. Whether you were happy with the last version or not, I suggest updating your archives with this one. Here it is:

Since I've been asked about Volume 7, I guess I'll let you know officially what my plans are for it. I have the OVA Special Edition pre-ordered, and I will be scanning at least parts of it. I haven't decided if I'm going to do the entire volume by myself, and if I did it would take at least a month, but I will start scanning the cover, color pages, and other extra stuff as soon as I get it (around April 30). I may even throw in some screenshots from the OVA for you anime fans. I'll post more information as the release date draws nearer.

Speaking of volumes, Volume 6 should be finished soon. I can't give you an exact time for sure, but I can say that most of the editing is done, and I think the translation is done. I'll let you know when it becomes available. Expect it to be far better than my version.


  1. Thanks for the scans. Definitely a lot of stuff coming out for HOTD in the next few months. Hopefully the manga can stay consistent on it's release dates for the rest of the year without another long hiatus.

  2. ii cant see the link =(

  3. Go to the Releases page. I took all Megaupload links down.

  4. Releases Page is empty.. :(
    Can u upload them again on mediafire?