Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monthly Dragon Age - October (9/9/11)

I finally received my copy of this month's issue of Dragon Age. As most of you probably saw on Torpedo Tits, there will be a Highschool of the Dead chapter next month. This chapter, however, will most likely be re-release of a chapter in full color. I'm guessing they're going to release more Full Color Edition Volumes, and this is just yet another preview. Anyway, I'll scan it if HOTDcups doesn't.

Now onto the new Heroine vs Heroine. This month's theme is "Huge Tits" (yes, it actually says that), and it features Shizuka and Yuko. There's really no explanation needed there. I didn't spend much time on it since gringe at XLG has already been doing more editing than me. You can find that version at XLG when it's posted.

I also included a scan of the cover and first three pages which are dedicated to Triage X and the release of Volume 3. At the bottom of the third page, there is an announcement about the color chapter of HOTD coming next month. I also scanned the lineup for next month's issue since it includes another small announcement about the color chapter.

Here's this month's Heroine vs Heroine:

See you next month.


  1. Thanks for the scans.

  2. just was browsing through amazon and found this
    think its legit or an error?

  3. Yeah, that's real. It's the Yen Press English version of the FCE volumes. It basically just combines the four FCE volumes into one large volume. The only good thing about it to me is that it's hardcover. Other than that, I think it will be just as disappointing as the regular English volumes.

  4. no HOTD this mothn again :(

  5. There's no new chapter, but there will be a color chapter. It wasn't in the lineup in the magazine either. The announcement is right above the lineup on that page, and it's also on the cover.