Friday, July 13, 2012

Maken-Ki! Chapter 50 Raw

We get some history in this chapter. Apparently, the connection between Takeru and Himegami goes back many years.

The next release here could be the first collaboration between HOTDcups and myself, or it could be next month's raws. It all depends on when we finish our current projects. I'll hopefully have news for you in a couple weeks from the AnimagiC conventions. We'll have to wait and see whether it's good news or more disappointment.


  1. Was that an adult himegami I saw?

    Goddammit now I want chapter 51 really bad >.<

    1. She's not an adult Himegami, but she is a Kodama and one of Himegami's ancestors. The couple that is attacked in the scene before are Takeru and Haruka's ancestors. This flashback takes place in the "distant" (this word is used a lot) past. I think it's explaining something about the history of Blood Pointer, Takeru's Maken.

    2. Ah, thanks.

      Can't read japanese so looked at the perty pictures.

      Either way though, tis a himegami with tits so I ain't complaining.