Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Monthly Dragon Age - April (3/9/2012) and Maken-Ki! Chapter 45 Raw

No Highschool of the Dead next month, but there is still plenty to talk about in this issue.

First, there is an advertisement for the new game Lollipop Chainsaw which includes the illustration that came with Triage X Volume 4. I'll include a scan with Triage X Chapter 23 raws, but in the meantime gringe from XLG posted a scan at Danbooru. Besides the fact that Rei and Saeko are playable characters (or costumes), this game actually looks pretty fun, and I plan on buying it. The release date is June 12. I was concerned that the North American release wouldn't include the anime characters since there is no Premium Edition as there is in Japan, but I found out on the Lollipop Chainsaw Twitter account (via this Siliconera article) that all costumes will be available in all countries. I'm sure they will be downloadable add-ons that cost extra money, but it's better than importing the game from Japan.

There's also an advertisement for the new Shouji Sato Artworks art book. I'll include this with Triage X later as well. It seems there is no way to order this online yet. The advertisement is actually a form that you have to fill out and send or give to a store in Japan to pre-order the book. If this is the only way to get the art book, then I don't think I will be buying this one. Importing from Japan is expensive enough, and paying for a proxy service to buy it for me would just make it too expensive to be worth it. It seems it will mostly be old illustrations anyway, so there won't be much new material to see. Hopefully it will become available on Amazon or somewhere else that delivers overseas so I can buy it.

The raws of Triage X Chapter 23 will come later today or tomorrow. I don't know when I'll post Maken-Ki! Chapter 46, but it won't come as late as last time. Before I start on it, I'm going to finish my part of the editing for FCE Volume 1. You should know this doesn't mean Volume 1 will be done soon, it just means it will be a lot closer to being done. My part of the editing will be done, but HOTDcups still has to do the typesetting and more editing before it's finished.

Finally, here's the raws of Chapter 45 of Maken-Ki!:

Sorry for the long delay. If you could see how busy I've been lately, you would understand and maybe even commend me for getting anything done at all. 


  1. thx very much, we all appreciate your effort =D

  2. AnimeOpps:Thanks Bro, But You Skipped 45 Am I Right? And where would I get The English Translated version from. (Like What Website.)

    1. This is Chapter 45. There is no English translation because the series has only been scanlated up to Chapter 41.

  3. ANIMEOPPS: You know how you scan triage x on XLG? On what website do they scan Makken-Kii and Highschool DxD?

  4. Actually, translated up to 42.