Saturday, March 24, 2012

TV-animation Complete File Chapter 1

Remember a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away) when I said I was going to scan the Highschool of the Dead anime Complete File? Well, I gave you half of the first chapter after a long delay and then seemingly forgot about it. I actually didn't forget, I just didn't have time to work on it. I had to rescan most pages and basically start the whole thing over, but I finally have the first chapter, titled "Mortalis," done in its entirety. So, finally, here it is:

In case you don't know, this is the guide book for the HOTD anime that came out in April 2011. It contains character profiles, information about weapons and vehicles, cast and crew interviews, episode guides, and more. The first chapter is about characters, both major and minor, and it has interviews with the major voice actors. I'm treating the Complete File like an art book, which means I am leaving it untranslated. The only things I would be able to translate by myself anyway are titles and names, but you won't be missing much without those.

Amazon is now selling Shouji Sato Artworks, so I will be able to get a copy for sure now. I probably won't scan the entire thing, but I will scan any new illustrations that it contains. It ended up costing a bit more than I had been hoping, so I just wanted to ask you to please donate if you can. I may have to pay separate shipping for this and the September issue of Dragon Age even though they caome out on the same day, so I would appreciate any help you can give.

I don't know when I'll finish Chapter 2 of the Complete File, but it won't take nearly as long as this one took. In the meantime, I would recommend buying your own copy at Amazon or another online store. The shipping is costly, but it's definitely worth it.  


  1. thx, it sounds cool, downloading =)

  2. wow! sweet! thanks for this! ^^

  3. Thanks for the scans!

  4. Thanks for this! Still praying for volume 30 & season 2.

  5. interesting that saeko is taller than takashi. in the anime and often in the manga, even when saeko is wearing high heels, she is shown as being shorter than takashi. saeko is around 5'8.5" while takashi is 5'7.5". just an interesting observation ^^