Friday, April 8, 2011

New Project: TV Animation Complete File

2011 has already been a huge year for HOTD, and there's yet another release to add to the plethora of new products: the Highschool of the Dead TV Animation Complete File. It's a 160-page anime guide book that's supposed to have detailed information on all twelve episodes and the OVA, interviews with cast and staff, illustrations, maps, and more. The guide book is set to be released on April 26, the same day as Volume 7.

I have the guide book pre-ordered, and as of now I'm planning on scanning it. I can't promise translations at this point, but if there are translations, they will likely be very limited. From what I can tell, there's quite a lot of text with all of the interviews and stuff, so it would be bothersome to translate the whole thing. I will most likely post it in several parts and then post the entire thing at the end. Even doing it this way, each part will still take a while because it's in A4 size (same as the Secret Box) meaning I have to scan each page twice and join them together. This could take a long time with all color pages. I'm thinking I could realease about 10-15 pages a week, but I may do more or less depending on how much work it requires and how I decide to divide the pages up. I'll post more information when I get the book.

As for Volume 7, I'll only be doing the entire thing if HOTDcups doesn't do it. If I end up doing it, it will take priority over the Complete File. Also, the work I'm doing on the FCEs will take priority over everything. I guess I have a busy Summer ahead of me.


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    Nice seeing Saeko in a ponytail again.