Thursday, April 28, 2011

Volume 7 Shipped and New Features

I just wanted to let everyone know that my copy of Volume 7 has shipped. I could get it as early as tomorrow or as late as Monday, so stay close. The Complete File hasn't shipped yet, but CDJapan usually doesn't take long, so I'm expecting it around the same time.

I'm sure most of you have noticed the changes to the sidebars. First of all, I added a couple ads. I can't tell you to click on them, but I will tell you that they are supposed to become more relevant to the blog's content and demographic over time, so you may see stuff you're interested in. I have to ask that you don't click them excessively to help me. I know your intentions are good, but it will actually hurt me if certain IPs are clicking too often.

The other new feature is something I'm very excited about. I'm proud to present my very own Amazon aStore. In the store, I've conveniently compiled all of the "Highschool of the Dead" merchandise available on This is my way of helping all of you find "Highschool of the Dead" products, and I'm helping to support the authors in the process. Unfortunately, it will only include products from the English version of, but I may eventually feature products from Amazon Japan or CDJapan. I hope you don't think I'm selling out with all of this. I've always posted links to Amazon anyway; this is just making it easier for everyone.


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  2. june issue of DA, we have have HOTD
    and TX again =3

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  4. Yeah, it's another great issue. It looks like the extra stuff is HOTD again which makes three months in a row. The July issue is supposed to come with a Saeko figure, so hopefully there will be a new chapter then as well. TX is monthly now, so maybe HOTD will be too.