Friday, December 17, 2010

Intro and HOTD Art Book

Hello everyone. Welcome to my Highschool of the Dead blogsite. Due to a lack of action from major scanlation groups, I've decided to start scanlating Highschool of the Dead. I will only be doing the volumes when they are released and maybe some other stuff such as the art books. I won't be doing new chapters, but HOTDcups over at Torpedo Tits will be, and I encourage everyone to go there and support him with donations if you can.

For my first post, I would like to present the first half of the HOTD art book. All credit for the raw scans goes to HOTDcups, so make sure you thank him on his blog. I've cleaned and edited all pages and joined all two-page spreads. I was a little rushed getting it done so it may be a little sloppy in some areas. I've also downsized all of the pages so it's a considerably smaller file. Look for the second part in the next day or two. Here's the download link:

So I hope everyone enjoys it, and I'm open to criticism as it helps me improve future scans. My next project will be a full scanlation of Volume 6. I'll have it done and posted by Christmas, but the special pages(color pages, character profiles, etc.) probably won't be done until the new year, so I'll release a second version then. If there's anyone out there who can translate Japanese or who wants to join with me on future projects, let me know.

One more thing: I'm the administrator at the HOTD Wiki, and we are always looking for new contributors. Please come by and help out if you can. I would greatly appreciate it.

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