Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Volume 6

I was going to spend a little more time on this than I did, but I decided to post it as it is since I've started working on the next version. The only major issue is that I didn't finish a few of the two-page spreads. I didn't want to debind my book, so I wasn't able to get good enough scans to complete them. Also, there are no translations on the color pages or the concept sketches/character profiles. Both of these issues will be corrected in the next version, which should also be of higher quality. When I know when it will be finished, I'll let you know. For now, here's my temporary version:

Feel free to post the download link on another site if you want, but I'd prefer that you don't post it on an online reader manga site. I think many of the major ones have dropped HOTD anyway, so I guess it shouldn't be a problem. Anyway, please enjoy, and I'll post again when I have more news on upcoming projects.

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